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Icebreaker Project Speech

Related to JLTC 14th August 2014 meeting, below is our sharing of VPPR Adi Halim’s  icebreaker project speech as a sample for any reader or our internal distinguished guests. The purpose is to have some idea what the speech is about based on the Basic Manual once you have registered club membership.

In short, the icebreaker speech in No.1 Basic Manual is about  self introduction and the time allowed is 4-6 minutes.  The speaker can tell anything about him/herself and shares further about one part important of his/her life or how he/she wants to be remembered by the audiences.


By VPPR Adi Halim, JLTC, SuanThai Resto, Thursday, 14th August 2014


Hello everyone! How much have you known me, Adi Halim?

Do you know that I am a new VPR of JLTC exco for this new period? And what else do you know? If you don’t , this is the purpose of my first project speech.



I was born at Bandar Lampung in March1991, just 23 years old now. My parents are both running small plastic business and selling cookies mostly during special feast days , such as, Idul Fitri, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. I have one older brother who has recently got married in Lampung. He and his wife are currently helping my parents’ business, and they are very excited in waiting for the presence of their first baby. I once lived with both my parents and my brother in Bandar Lampung until the end of my high school year. I was about 18 years old then.  But I have been moving out to live by myself at Gading Serpong since my college year, until now.

A bit about my study. I was graduated from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. It’s an university owned by Kompas Gramedia Group and mainly focus in technology and media. I was in the Informatics Engineering, so you can imagine that most of my studies are about programming. I was graduated in 2013, and now I work as an Internet Marketer in a website agency at Kebon Jeruk. Additionally, I also have my team website developer, so please feel free to contact me if you need to make our own website.

I would say that the most exciting part of my life is actually my college life and the years after, because I feel that is my life turning point. Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a scientist or doctor someday. I even had applied Biotechnology faculty at Atmajaya university and was accepted. Yet something unexpected blessing has had happened.  I was offered scholarship from UMN which tempted me. Back then, UMN was considered as a ‘new’ university and didn’t have any single alumni. And it has only single faculty of Informatics Engineering and Computer Systems. The most funny thing was, I took the Informatics Engineering field,  simply I didn’t like anything related to  “Computer things”. Without my knowing, Informatics Engineering was indeed some thing all related with computer. At first I was really excited because it would be a real new experience for me, but then it turned out, it was not really exciting.

I would say that my college life was quite rough. Basically, because I wasn’t the ‘computer geek type’ person, so it was really hard for me to follow all of the subjects and even made friends. Most subjects were related to the programming, but considering that in my high school I have never had any programming, it was just like a nightmare for me.

Most of the students were usually talking about the latest processor, laptops, and  other computer things which I didn’t know at all, so I was confused and even could hardly get involved in their conversations. I became very desperate and told my parents that I wanted to stop attending the college and moved out back again to the Biotechnology. My parents told me that they put back the decision on me, because it was my own decision at first to choose the studying. They said that I was already  grown up, and should know what’s the best for my own future.

So, I decided to keep up with this study, at least until I graduated. I studied hard, try to memorize all of the abstract theories, and luckily I made with some friends who were also not a ‘freak’ type. I strived to overcome all problems, and that most things were not as scary as I thought. Most of my friends that I once thought as “geek” were actually quite friendly. I started to learn the benefits of  programming things, and being in this study had somewhat forced me to become more like ‘up to date’ person.

After graduation, I decided to make use of websites as my main aim, because it combines design, programming, and marketing at once. One fact which I consider funny is that website programming was my worst programming subject at my college life, but here I am now, looking for having my own website business someday J.

The college life has given me many new perspectives to look at my life in more positive ways. I have also found out that in life, there will be many surprises coming up from the choices we have made, some are bad, some are worst, some are good, and some are best.

If you ask me whether my choice back then was right, I will answer that I was ‘wrong’. Yet  I feel really grateful now that I have made such a choice. Should I have not chosen UMN, maybe I  do not know about  websites matters, which has now become my main income and business. Should I have not chosen UMN, maybe I will not have stayed at Gading Serpong now, where I really like to stay  because it is quiet and relaxing environment. If I didn’t get graduated from UMN, maybe I wouldn’t have been accepted in the office where I am working now.  Worst thing, I would not have known about Bahasa Mandarin Center where I met with Ms Yendy as my teacher and who recommended me to join Toastmaster.

So, similarly I expect that joining Toastmaster will give me many new exciting surprises, such as, meeting new people, new places and new knowledge as to enable me become a better communicator and leader in the future.  Again, my Mandarin teacher has proven her words that through toastmaster I could have suddenly get honorable VPPR position, and that am looking forward for next bigger surprises it can give me.

Life is full of choices. Whatever the choice is, let we stick to it and make commitment towards it. Even our choice turns out to be  “wrong” and we face hardships because of it, just keep going, trying, and believing, because “Sometimes the wrong choice brings us  to the best places”.

How’s about you, dear fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests.  Back to TOM.





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