Toastmaster for Learning English and Public Speaking

Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H

Dear JLTC President, Excos and members,

We are conveying our warm regards for a safe, peaceful and Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H for those who celebrate it, and also happy long holidays for all of us 😀

Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club

Enny Iyawanti, CC

VPPR, July 2017 – June 2018



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Happy Idul Fitri 1432H and Joyful Lebaran 2011 Holidays

On behalf of Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club, all Excos and members would like to send our blissful regards to those of you who celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1432H, and Joyful long Lebaran holidays to those of fellows who don’t celebrate.

Hope to see you all again at our JLTC meeting by Thursday, 8th September 2011.

Being Happy With All Of You,
JLTC Excos & Members For Period of July 2011-June 2011

Dewi Oni / President
Herwin Limindra / VPEducation
Michael Romero / VPMembership
Marki Moeljono / VPublic Relation
Maria Megawati / Secretary
Yendy M.Wijaya /Treasurer
Evi Suriyadi / Sergeant At Arm

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Tips to Prevent FB Hacker

Last nite social dinner prior club meeting at Suan Thai restaurant, we had nice chats about how to make good, positive network, sharing and making ourselves known in certain fields of   knowledges/skills/experiences.  As most everyone knows, the most popular social medias include : facebook, twitter, digg and many other more.

One fellow toastmaster arouse her friend’s dismay of having her facebook account hacked and misused by someone unknown circulating  Viagara products. Certainly this does not cause the original account owner get embarassed only but also loose her all networks.

Thus, to prevent such malpractise from irresponsible hacker, I would like to suggest you use ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD in typing your password into any internet connections such as, yahoo mail, trading stocks ID, financial web updating, facebook, club password, etc. Continue reading

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Missions and Goals

New period of second semester Toastmaster has been going for half a month already. Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club has done the half month of the new period with a good beginning of crafting missions and setting goals by Excos (Executive Committees) and members.

Both meetings which took place on Thursdays, respectively on 1st July and 15th July 2010, at Suan Thai Restaurant, went cheerfully and  made high enthusiastically from new reintake members such as, TM Eddy (who rejoined after 5 years), TM Johnson; guests – Sylvia, Yuliana & Budi; and other existing members such as, Brahma, Junior Benny, Bastian and Dewi.

The guests uttered their happy surprise that they could manage to speak up in front based on the directions guided to them during Table Topic session. Not only that, they were made to be able to give opinion also about the meeting using English.

We thank you the new Area Governor’s sharing, TM Lola who explained about her role & tips and rejoice with the dual membership of  DTM Maria Megawati to strengthen our JLTC team.

The President-TM Yendy M.Wijaya, ACS-ALB,  led the two meetings consequently dated above with Educational Session with topics each on “Crafting JLTC Missions” and “Setting Goals & Planning”.  Glad that members expressed their dreams. The actions were explained to be transformed into delivery of project speech based on their basic manuals, attending regular meeting, taking role, attending TLI/speech contest/district seminar and introducing new friends.  Hope everyone  shall keep moving forward with respective planning and reach our goals as well as DCP.

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I will join the Toastmaster, so….

What will I do and how is the program ?

Toastmaster exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and learning experiences .

  • The Manual

you will receive a professionally published Toastmaster International Manual and learning materials.

  • Prepared speeches

Participants are asked for preparing and present speeches in a relaxed atmosphere. Some preparation is required.

  • Impromptu speaking

During each meeting, short impromptu speaking sessions are conducted to help the participant learn to think on their feet.

  • Evaluations

After each presentation you will receive a constructive speech evaluation from others Thisprocess recognizes a speaker’s strengths and provides valuable, constructive guidance on how future presentations may be improved.

  • Continuous improvement

You are encouraged to participate in all of the program so you can learn and practice and you will have ‘Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better Speaking’.

What benefit will I get from joining Toastmaster?

During the meetings you can expect to develop and learn to:

  • give a prepared and impromptu speeches;
  • evaluate speeches;
  • develop your listening skills;
  • introduce speakers;
  • diminish unnecessary words (eg. er, uhm, ah);
  • speak within time limit

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