Toastmaster for Learning English and Public Speaking

JLTC Meeting, April 20, 2017

Hi Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Distinguished Guests! Sharing you all our meeting at April 20, 2017

Despite small number of attendants, 3 excos, 1 member and 3 distinguished guests, we were all happy because we could still have the prepared speaker, TM Tya to share us her speech

And TM Yendy to share the educational speech on the benefits of toastmaster as well as did the table topic session for all audiences


TM Tya and TM Yendy share their respective Storytelling Speech and Educational Speech


Thanks to the whole audiences including the distinguished guests who could take part in performing as Timer & Ballot Counter.

Also to TM Dewi Oni as TOM, Evaluator, Treasurer (3 roles); TM Tya as GE, speaker and Ah Counter (3 roles); TM Januar as photographer; and Yendy as President, Grammarian, Edu Speaker and Table Topic master (4 roles), hahaha. Though unrecommended, yet BRAVO to all of us who cud manage to make the meeting fun, meaningful and interesting, hahaa

Let us all keep striving to do our best yah and keep shining thru JLTC


TM Yendy with Guests and Other Excos in Table Topic Session


Next meeting, Thursday, 4th May 2017, let us look forward to hearing our first newcomers, TM Neeta & Rudy deliver their icebreaker speeches; TM Tya delivers her last project to accomplish ACB; and TM Enny to continue her advance speech. Also TM Wayan, to share his no.10 project speech to accomplish his CC.

GREAT, Let us all do it yeah!!


See you all on the next meeting!


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