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You Are Cordially Invited to Our Next JLTC Meeting at Suan Thai Restaurant, Thursday, Sep 1st 2016

Greetings Fellow Toastmasters and Distinguished Guests!

Our next meeting is going to be held on 1st Sep, this Thursday at Suanthai Restaurant.  There will be a Special Sharing Session : “How to start a business with digital marketing”. Let’s come and enjoy the learning of english speaking skill that will help us become more competent in a professional world.

See you this thursday!  😀



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JLTC Meeting Aug 18th, 2016

Grateful our JlTC had a meaningful and enjoyable learning of evaluation educational session shared by ™ Mike Nicholson.


jltc 1

Congrats to ™ Wayan who has shown a significant improvement in his speech delivering Proj no.3 last nit. What is more, he was willing to take the challenge to become an evaluator also right away post edu session. Bravo!

Congrats also to ™ Lilis and ™ Enny who eventually have commenced their Icebreaker project speech. Keep moving forward with your good beginning till you become a better communicator you deem to be!

We also feel very anxious to hear our Lawyer, ™ Nicholas’ speech which is very interesting.


Glad we have some Distinguished guests coming from far away visiting JLTC last nit, Ms Niniek/ Duri-Riau, Reni/Bandung and Samuel/South Jakarta.

Warm welcome to our IPP Adi Kurniawan who cud show up in our meeting last nit and had helped us becoming Impromptu TOM and evaluator.


Amazingly ™ Wayan has turned out to be the best Prepared Speaker and ™ Yendy & ™ Kurniawan were both equally voted as the Best Evaluator.

Last but not least, we would like to thank ™ Mike Nicholson, the Guest Speaker, who have sparkled our JLTC meeting last night.

We did also enjoy the free Thai milk tea granted by the rest after posting our dinner on Instagram and tagging 3 friends on the special event of celebrating Independence day.


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Installation of JLTC New Members, Aug 4, 2016

Dear all fellow toastmasters, It is simply amazing to see how we all had such a meaningful and enjoyable meeting at JlTC meeting last night and having an installation of JLTC new members.









I am so proud to see you all, the Excos and members including the newcomers performed your COMMITMENT through your speech and doing the roles last nite.











So, here you are the new kids on the block have commenced your debut by delivering icebreaker project speech all at the same time, and surprisingly became VPPM, timer, Ah Counter immediately for the first time! Aren’t you all so superb and fascinating?

We are also grateful to have the Div J Director, Tm Ratu visiting JLTC giving us constructive inputs and cherishing our meeting yah. Wow, she made our meeting even more merriful.










Here are some photos of our JlTC 4th Aug 2016 meeting to show our solid team of committment and commencement in reaching our star prior end June 2017. Bravo, keep moving forward and shining.

tm meetig 4 aug






















Many thanks also for Tm Dewi’s nice choco green tea cake especially made for all of us. Love it, Dewi:)













Lastly, this is the first time also in our new term that Suan Thai cud allow us use two rooms in one (by chance no other room rsvp customer). So we can have more elegant photo to show up in our JlTC facebook and website :D. What a blessing.













President Yendy Widjaja, ACS, ALB

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You Are Cordially Invited to Our Next JLTC Meeting at Suan Thai Restaurant, Thursday, Aug 18th 2016

Greetings Dear Fellow Toastmaster and Distinguished Guests!

It is with great pleasure we invite you all to the next meeting of JLTC with the special edu session from TM Mike Nicholson about : “How to do an Effective Evaluation”.
Come and share this good news to your friends and colleagues. Enjoy the atmosphere and dinner while having improve your public speaking skill through listening to member’s speeches and doing impromptu table topics.
See you on Thursday 🙂

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