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JLTC First Excos’ Campaign, Suan Thai, 18th June 2015

Greetings all!

Our JLTC has been running very dynamic recently, thanks to the members’ great intention to work on their speech project. There have always been 5 speakers since the last two months, especially the latest three new members steadily delivering speeches. Bravo!

Each prepared speakers had shown many improvements in their vocal varieties, eye contacts and body language. Overall, they have become better speaker than they were previously. Thanks to the supportive environment of JLTC, the positive feedbacks from the evaluators, and mainly, the motivation and spirit of each personal.


We were also very happy that two of our members, TM Adi Halim and TM Adi Kurniawan had delivered their 10th project, thus they finally get their Competent Communicator (CC). Congratulations to both of you! Awaiting for your next Advance Speech project 🙂

What is particular in the meeting tonight is, this is the FIRST TIME EVER  over the past 10 years as said by TM Yendy, that JLTC members do campaign to sit for the new term of Excos. Thanks to her initiative and briefings also to all members who made the campaign take place smoothly and enthusiastically.

Thanks everyone to our dynamic and meaningful meeting! Congrats to all of our campaigners! I’m simply inspired by all of you and cannot wait to improve myself even more in becoming Advanced communicator in the future !

Last but not least,  JLTC is pleased to announce the new excos for the new term of July 2015 – June 2016 as follow :

  1. President: TM Adi Kurniawan
  2. Vice President of Education (VPE): TM Dewi Astuti
  3. Secretary: TM Rika Pustikawati
  4. Vice President of Membership (VPM): TM Adi Halim
  5. Vice President of Public Relation (VPPR): TM Yendy Widjaja
  6. Treasurer: TM Dewi Oni

Thanks to President Awie and all other Excos who have rendered their good service at JLTC and together with the new term excos, hopefully we can achieve greater success individually and also contribute big success to the club in the future.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, 9th July 2015. For you who are interested or passionate about public speaking and dare to improve your leadership skills, we highly encourage you to join us at the next meeting! Feel the environment, challenge and conquer your fear, and let us help you discover how awesome you can be!


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