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JLTC First Excos’ Campaign, Suan Thai, 18th June 2015

Greetings all!

Our JLTC has been running very dynamic recently, thanks to the members’ great intention to work on their speech project. There have always been 5 speakers since the last two months, especially the latest three new members steadily delivering speeches. Bravo!

Each prepared speakers had shown many improvements in their vocal varieties, eye contacts and body language. Overall, they have become better speaker than they were previously. Thanks to the supportive environment of JLTC, the positive feedbacks from the evaluators, and mainly, the motivation and spirit of each personal.


We were also very happy that two of our members, TM Adi Halim and TM Adi Kurniawan had delivered their 10th project, thus they finally get their Competent Communicator (CC). Congratulations to both of you! Awaiting for your next Advance Speech project 🙂

What is particular in the meeting tonight is, this is the FIRST TIME EVER  over the past 10 years as said by TM Yendy, that JLTC members do campaign to sit for the new term of Excos. Thanks to her initiative and briefings also to all members who made the campaign take place smoothly and enthusiastically.

Thanks everyone to our dynamic and meaningful meeting! Congrats to all of our campaigners! I’m simply inspired by all of you and cannot wait to improve myself even more in becoming Advanced communicator in the future !

Last but not least,  JLTC is pleased to announce the new excos for the new term of July 2015 – June 2016 as follow :

  1. President: TM Adi Kurniawan
  2. Vice President of Education (VPE): TM Dewi Astuti
  3. Secretary: TM Rika Pustikawati
  4. Vice President of Membership (VPM): TM Adi Halim
  5. Vice President of Public Relation (VPPR): TM Yendy Widjaja
  6. Treasurer: TM Dewi Oni

Thanks to President Awie and all other Excos who have rendered their good service at JLTC and together with the new term excos, hopefully we can achieve greater success individually and also contribute big success to the club in the future.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, 9th July 2015. For you who are interested or passionate about public speaking and dare to improve your leadership skills, we highly encourage you to join us at the next meeting! Feel the environment, challenge and conquer your fear, and let us help you discover how awesome you can be!


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Educational Session From DTM Sukardi and TM Yendy

Hi all, nice to see you all again.

Last meeting was another meaningful and enjoyful meeting. Not only we had 5 prepared speakers, we were also very delightful to hear another educational session from our own experienced mentor, TM Yendy and DTM Sukardi.

1661654_953043058049160_3950381531173253448_nAs the new terms of Toastmaster are approaching, TM Yendy gave her Educational session about “How Good Excos Can Lead to Become a Good Leader“.

We heard a very simple, yet clear explanation about each of Excos roles, responsibilities, and her past 10 years experiences in serving various roles in Excos. I simply amazed by how she can manage all of the roles and responsibilities while keeping JLTC keeps alive, and become one of the oldest Toastmaster club in West Jakarta. Thanks for your advice and sharing TM Yendy! Really looking forward to hearing your next inspiring stories!

11425242_953042958049170_8187881050876076194_nDTM Sukardi also share his educational session about “How To Make An Interesting Table Topic“. It was really a brand new knowledge to us, that there are so many variations to make the Table Topic become more interesting, such as:

  1. Phrase: in which table topic master will say some phrase and asks each participant to give her / his opinion about that phrase.
  2. Question: in which table topic master will ask a specific question to each participant (mostly based on the theme and WOD of the meeting).
  3. Drama: whereas the participants will be fictionally stated as a certain group (like a group of scientists, archaeologists, etc) and be asked fiction questions to improve their creativity and speaking skills.
  4. Story Telling: whereas each participant will tell a specific story which will be continued on by another participant.

I personally was so excited to try the drama and story telling table topic contest. Sure it will be fun! 🙂


Aside from the educational session, we also had 5 prepared speakers, which made the meeting became more lively and dynamic than usual. They were TM Adi Halim with his sharing about Graphology, TM Adi Kurniawan with his sharing about persuasion using power, TM Jeremy about Writing to Make a Peaceful Mind, TM Darwin about Playing God, and the newly member TM Felicia with her Icebreaker Speech. We were very proud that each member had become more supportive and enthusiastic in improving themselves through speech delivery. JLTC sure can help its members to discover their full potential in speaking and leading skills.  So,  if you deem to be like one of us, come and join our club meeting ! 🙂


Last but not least, we were very honored to be visited by TM Herni from Maranatha Toastmasters Club.  She was very inspired by the Educational Session by TM Yendy and DTM Sukardi, as she will use it as  reference to nominate herself as the President of Maranatha Club.

Thanks for coming TM Herni! And we wish you the best of luck for your nomination as future President of Maranatha club !


The next meeting will be on 18th June 2015.  For the very first time, each member will nominate themselves and do the campaign to fill in the position for the new Excos. 

Do not miss this hot campaign by each Lion member.


See you all at the next meeting! *cheers*


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You Are Cordially Invited to Our JLTC Meeting at Suan Thai Restaurant, Thursday 18th June 2015

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Distinguished Guests,

We are approaching the end of the June and the end of 2015 terms of Toastmasters, which means that we are getting ready reflect on our Club’s achievements whilst setting up the new goals for JLTC, simply starting by appointing the new Excos positions for the next terms.

Don’t miss this meeting, as for the very first time of our JLTC history, members will do the campaign and nominate themselves to fill in the Excos position they ready to take and be committed to.

Let’s join to see JLTC’s enthusiastic campaign for new term of Excos, this Thursday at Suan Thai! *cheers*


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