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Educational Session from Division J Governor TM Zilva Boaz

Greetings All!


We are approaching end of April 2015 and are very happy to have held a truly meaningful meeting of our beloved JLTC at Suan Thai. What makes it different is because this time meeting we received an inspiring and meaningful education session from Division Governor-J, TM Zilva Boaz, with the title of  “How To Do A Simple and Effective Evaluation”.


We got useful tips, formulated as “RAP” (Result, Audience, and Preparation). In conclusion, we should focus on:

  1. Result: the speech to be prepared, rehearsed and presented by the speaker to meet with the speech objectives.
  2. Audience: the speech should  inspire, influence and involve the audiences as per the speech purpose.
  3. Preparation : point out the good things you like being an evaluator, reemphasize the positive point and also the closing as well as the conclusion.

Though the formula looks to be simple, I believe to be an excellent evaluator, one requires continuous practice and experience. Thus, the training inspires me also to try to do better evaluation in the future meetings.

In the meeting, we have four amazing prepared speakers : (1) TM Rika with her 3rd project; (2) TM Awie with his 4th project (3) TM Adi Kurniawan with his 6th project; and (4) the newly joint member,  TM Dewi Astuti with her 1st Icebreaker Speech. The old-time members have improved a lot since their first time joining JLTC and I trust it was thanks to their hard work, evaluation inputs, and last but not least was the great support of all members in JLTC ! This excitement makes me can’t wait to deliver my next speech project immediately in the next meeting 🙂

Other good news are, we were very delighted to have again the visit of our last meeting distinguished guests, fellow Darwin Lesmana in addition to TM Dewi Astuti who had instantly joint our membership last weekend.  Welcome TM Darwin!  And we all hope you will also soon follow TM Dewi Astuti’s step by joining our  JLTC membership.

Let’s strive to continously shaping up ourselves and shining altogether 🙂


Woow, TM Dewi Astuti, the newly joint members turned out to be the Best Prepared Speaker and fellow Darwin Lesmana, as Best Table Topic Speaker. Congratulations to both of you! We shall look forward to your next awesome speeches.

The next meeting shall be on 7th May 2015. Anyone gets interested, please give us a call and welcome joining our meeting. See you then, cheers 🙂




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You Are Cordially Invited to Our JLTC Meeting at Suan Thai, 23rd April 2015

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Distinguished Guests,

We are very delighted to invite you to our very special meeting on 23rd April 2015 at Suan Thai Restaurant for a very valuable and meaningful educational session from our District 87 J-Governor, TM Zilva Boaz. The title is “How to evaluate in a simple and effective way”.

To optimalize the training, we will immediately walk the talk after the training by  our all  practicing evaluations (eligible for those who have finished BM project #4) towards some prepared speakers so that our honorable trainer, TM Zilva Boaz can evaluate all evaluators too :).

So, don’t miss this precious training! We all shall look forward to hearing your reply soon!



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