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Fun Celebration At JLTC Meeting On 6th November 2014

Hello everyone!

The JLTC meeting on 6th November 2014 was very exciting and enjoyful. That was the first time we had 6 distinguished guests. Not only that, we also had old-time toastmaster member, TM Efi join us again. Welcome back to be active, TM Efi!

In the meeting, we had 3 prepared speakers:  TM Adi Halim with his 2nd Project Speech about ‘The Power of Laughing‘, TM Adi Kurniawan with his 4th Speech about ‘The Genuine Happiness‘, and TM Efi with her 5th Speech about ‘FriendshipWOW!! Surely it was amazing how each of them deliver their respective speech. Keep going you three, and we’re sure that you will be an amazing public speaker someday! 🙂


TM Adi Halim (2nd Speech Project), TM Adi Kurniawan (4th Speech Project), TM Efi (5th Speech Project)

As per meeting of the WOD (Word Of The Day) “CELEBRATE”, TM Yendy had a really amazing idea to wear a face mask, to celebrate the Halloween Day. As usual, she led the Table Topic Session for all of the members and guests. It was a really warm session, as each member and guest shared their amazing celebration moment in their life. More than that, we even got treated a candy by TM Yendy (happily we did not get the ‘tricked’ part :p)

Thanks TM Yendy! You are simply a very helpful fellow toastmaster, amazing coach, and inspiring leader… 😀


TM Yendy as The ‘Host” of Table Topic Session

In the hall of fame, there was another ‘unique and unforgettable’ moment. TM Adi Kurniawan won as the Best Prepared Speaker and it was the first time we had 3 Best Table Topic Speakers, TM Adi Halim, Mr. Edy, and Ms. Yuliana. Congratulations to all of you! Keep practicing and improving 🙂


Left: TM Adi Kurniawan as Best Prepared Speaker
Right: Mr. Edy, Ms. Yuliana, and TM Adi Halim as Best Table Topic Speaker

In my opinion, the meeting was really one of the most unforgettable meetings I had ever attended. The meeting was really enjoyable and full of laugh, thanks to TM Adi Halim’s enlightenment about ‘The Power of Laughing‘. We had made friends with all of the distinguish guests, thanks to TM Efi who has reminded us about  ‘Friendship‘. And nevertheless, we were all ‘Genuinely Happy‘, like TM Adi Kurniawan said in his speech.

Like the theme that day : “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”, it was such a simply amazing of celebration we had through out the meeting. I hope there will be another bigger celebration  when we successfully get the amazing DCP title next year. Let’s work closely hand-in-hand, keep delivering speech and taking parts in various roles so that we can be the great communicator and leader we deem to be! 😀


Behind (L – R): TM Adi Halim, TM Adi Kurniawan, Mr. Zakaria, TM Stefanus, Mr. Jeremy, TM Januar, Mr. Edy
Front (L – R): TM Charista, TM Efi, TM Yendy, Mrs. Tia, Ms. Yuliana, Mrs. Yunita

Next meeting shall be 20th November 2014. We encourage all of you to come, and practicing your communication and leadership skills with us altogether.

Want to know the next meeting’s theme? Stay tune for the WOD and invitation! *cheers*


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