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JLTC Next Meeting at 23rd October 2014

Hello everyone! It’s nice to see you again!

We will hold the next meeting at 23rd October 2014 at the Suan Thai Restaurant. Yummy food, fun and enjoyable meeting, while improving our leadership and speaking skill. You must not miss it!

In this meeting, our WOD is “PERFORMANCE”. So, let us help you to improve your performance to meet your expectations, through leadership and public speaking coaching 🙂

See you at Thursday!




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JLTC Meeting – 9th October 2014

Hi everyone. It’s really nice to see you again!

Our beloved club has just held another meeting at 9th October 2014. Well, the meeting was quite ‘unusual’, because the rooms were all occupied with Suanthai Event. So we held the meeting in an open room downstair.

TM Charsita Delivered Her First Speech Project

TM Charsita Delivered Her First Speech Project


Regardless, in this meeting, we were very excited to see our most recent member, TM Charista for her 1st project speech about Icebreaker. Just one word to say, WOW! Although the restaurant was full of visitors and mostly it would make her nervous, she could speak very well and clearly. Well done, TM Charista! I’m pretty sure that you will be able to be an excellent female public speaker someday. And of course, I encourage for all female guests and members to come and join our meeting to be an excellent female public speaker. Awesome, isn’t it? 😀




TM Lukito Delivered His Advanced Speech Project

TM Lukito Delivered His Advanced Speech Project


We were also very happy too to see our old time member, TM Lukito to deliver his advanced speech project. Eventhough this is the first time I saw him, I was just so amazed to see how he delivered his speech after quite while since his last time. I have no doubt that JLTC mentoring has made an huge improvement to his speaking skill and of course we are really looking forward to see you more often TM Lukito!





And of course, it’s a big thanks to TM Yendy, as our mentor. Aside from her outstanding speaking skill when she delivered her advanced speech project in this meeting, I really admire her leadership and management skills, not to mention that she is capable to manage the club for 10 years (now that’s what I call it by ‘Amazing’!)

TM Yendy Delivered Her Advanced Speech Project

TM Yendy Delivered Her Advanced Speech Project


In this meeting, it’s the first time for us, as the new Excos to take part in some of the major role, such as TM Januar (VPE) as the President, TM Adi Kurniawan (VPM) as the TOM, and TM Adi Halim (VPPR) as the General Evaluator. She always coaches us well in our speeches, and even gave us chance and coached us for our new role in this meeting. More than that, she even capable addressed this ‘unusual’ situation as a ‘blessing in disguise’, which it was actually a really good chance for us to practice in the real crowded situation. She really inspired me, and now I’m more even sure that JLTC is my best decision. Hopefully, I can be an amazing leader and manager just like her someday. We are really thankful and proud to have you in our club, TM Yendy! 😀


In this meeting, we had two distinguished guests, Mr. Tommy as one of TM Yendy’s student at Bahasa Mandarin Center (BMC), and Ms. Karina as her second visit. Both guests gave positive comments, and of course, we hope that both of them can be JLTC new members!

The WOD for the meeting was “VISION”. It was really interesting to hear every member and guest’s point of view about their respective visions of their life and career. I personally think while each person’s vision may be differ from one another, of the main thing to achieve that is to be able to ‘communicate clearly what your visions are’ to the other people, who will be your friends and also partners to help you along the way. Well, the simplest thing is, you have to keep improving your speaking skills, and that’s why we are here for you! We are more than ready to be your partner to help you with your vision! 🙂

As the hall of fame, we had TM Charista as the Best Prepared Speaker and Ms. Karina as the Best Table Topic Speaker. Congratulations!


TM Charista as The Best Prepared Speaker (Left)
Ms. Karina as The Best Table Topic Speaker (Right)

Nevertheless of this ‘unusual’ situation, the meeting was joyful and meaningful as usual, as all of the excos, members, and guests was able to speak in the real situation of public speaking. The main thing is, whatever the situation may be, just try to look at the positive things in it. Who knows? It may be a ‘blessing in disguise’ 😀

We will hold our next meeting at Thursday, 23rd October 2014. Any of you want to join? Don’t hesitate to ask us! We will be more than happy to welcome you! *cheers*





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Official Installation of JLTC Excos of Sep 2014 – Mar 2015

Hi, everyone! It’s really nice to once again held another meeting of our beloved JLTC at 28th August. In addition, we also had the official installation of JLTC Excos, done by AG Aminah.


TM Adi Kurniawan and His Speech About “Indonesia Mengajar”


The meeting was started, by a speech delivered by TM Adi Kurniawan. He delivered his 3rd project speech, and told us about “Indonesia Mengajar”. He told us about the study program, founded by Anies Baswedan, that encourage young generation to be a teacher, especially for kids live in rural and under educate areas.

His speech was so inpiring, like he was actually involved directly in the program. More or less, education is really important for all people in the world to lead to a better life. I’m sure that JLTC will educate us in public speaking and leadership, to lead you to a better life also. Want a proof? Well, TM Adi Kurniawan has proven it with his delicate speech.

Well done, TM Adi! We’re really looking forward for your next project speech.


TM Januar Delivered His 8th Project About Aquascape


The second speech was delivered by TM Januar, as he delivered an interesting trend in aquarium setup, called “AQUASCAPE”. As his 8th speech project, focusing in Visual Aids, TM Januar presented his really eye catching explanation through slideshow, combined with nice music.

The speech was so incredible, as we gained new knowledge in the beauty of the Aquascape, and (maybe) even some inspiration about doing this as a business in Indonesia. Good job TM Januar! Thanks for the beautiful presentation and new knowledge from each of your speech. Can’t wait for you next speech project 😀



As usual, the meeting was continued with Table Topic Session led by TM Yendy. The meeting’s theme “BRILLIANT” was just so right, as we get 2 brilliant distinguished guests, Ms. Karina and Ms. Diana, and 1 brilliant guest from Jakarta Toastmasters Club, TM Livia. Each guest and toastmasters fellow delivered their ideas about ‘brilliant’ meaning in their respective jobs, experiences, and knowledges. I’m really excited to hear each person delivered their ideas. They were so inspiring and motivating us, especially in become more ‘brilliant’ in our live.

As hall of fame, TM Dewi won as The Best Table Topic Speaker, TM Adi Kurniawan as The Best Prepared Speaker, and TM Yendy as The Best Evaluator. The award was given by our distinguished guest, Ms. Diana. Congratulations to all of you!


TM Dewi, TM Adi Kurniawan, and TM Yendy


Last meeting was so special for us, as our fellow friends from Karawaci Toastmaster Club, TM Herry, TM Piter, and especially AG Aminah, came along to help us with the official installation of JLTC Excos for this period. All excos were officially installed by AG Aminah after read the respective tasks and responsibility. Congratulations to all of the JLTC Excos! Let us hand in hand to make JLTC better and of course get the next DCP title together :).


L – R: TM Awie (President), TM Januar (VPE), TM Dewi (Secretary), TM Yendy (Treasury), TM Adi Kurniawan (VPM), TM Adi Halim (VPPR), AG Aminah

In conclusion, the meeting was really memorable. For you who wants to improve your speaking skill and leadership skill, come join us at our next meeting at 11th September. The invitation is coming right up, so stay tune everyone! *cheers*



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