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Let’s Meet Up in The Upcoming JLTC Meeting, 28th August 2014

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests,

We are happily announce that our beloved JLTC will hold our next meeting at Thursday, 28th August 2014. Let’s relax and enjoy yummy food at Suan Thai restaurant, while we share and improve our speaking and leadership skill together.

For you who want to discover your public speaking skill and improve it, we encourage you to come and join us! With this meeting’s WOD, “Brilliant”, let us help you to become more sparkling and dazzling through your speaking skill.

See you at Thursday!



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JLTC 14th August Meeting Commemorating Independence Day

In commemorating the upcoming Indonesian Independence Day on 17th August 2014, some of  our JLTC excos and distinguished guests were wearing red-white shirts to welcome the day whilst attending JLTC meeting on Thursday, 14th August 2014.

See how happy we all during the meeting and let’s have a look what the meeting was about :


JLTC Meeting, Thursday evening,  14th August 2014


VPPR Adi delivered his 1st project speech on Icebreaking with title of  “My Life, My Choice”.  He told us a very interesting story about his college life, which once he  thought as one of his ‘wrong’ choice yet it turned out to be his biggest turning point in the life”.


TM Adi delivered his 1st  project speech

He told us that the Informatics Engineering he majored into has somehow given him many new perspectives in his life, opened up his interest in the Website Development and Business. He also met  with TM Yendy as his Mandarin teacher, who eventually brought  him to join Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club  to improve his speaking and leadership skills. He shared an inspiring quote with all of us that “Life is full of choices. Whatever your choice might be, just keep trying, going, and believing”.   For sample of icebreaker speech, you may read further TM Adi Halim’s uploaded article by clicking this link “My Life, My Choice”

Well done, TM Adi! We are sure that your choice by joining Toastmasters is absolutely your “Best Choice”, as every Exco and members at JLTC are always willing  to help you become a better communicator and leader in the future! 🙂

The second prepared speaker was TM Yendy. She delivered her project no.4  outstanding speech about “Promoting  TOCFL” from Advance Manual on Speech of Management.  She introduced all audiences taking as her teaching staff about two types of international Mandarin proficiency test and certifications for non-Chinese learners : (1) HSK (simplified Mandarin)  from China and (2) TOCFL (Traditional Mandarin)  from Taiwan.  As people worldwide including Indonesia is learning simplified Mandarin, Yendy told us the situational problem regarding the limited learners and test takers of traditional Mandarin, especially in Jakarta.   Despite current circumstances,  she  shared us the difference and advantage of TOCFL; and also  her strategies and tips  for her teaching team to continously promoting TOCFL.   Through her course at Bahasa Mandarin Center, you will get many benefits and able to learn Chinese Language in fun, professional, and effective ways.

We all, including myself, of BMC students are happy to have known and joint JLTC thanks to TM Yendy’s frequent sharings of toastmaster benefits towards our personal development, career and life. Toastmaster is simply amazing 🙂

After prepared speeches, then came Table Topic Session, led by TM Yendy, encouraging all audiences  deliver impromptu /unprepared speech using the  WOD about INDEPENDENCEWe were really excited to see all participants, including our distinguished guests sharing their thoughts and perspectives about being ‘INDEPENDENT‘ in their respective economy, job, and education.

For  Hall of Fame, TM Dewi was chosen as the best Table Topic Speaker. Congrats TM Dewi! 🙂


TM Dewi as Best Table Topic Speaker

This time meeting, we were very joyful  to have 5 distinguished guests : Ms. Charista, Ms. LiYa, Mr. Rudy, Mr. Henry, and Mr. Wira. We were proud to hear many positive and constructive feedback from all the guests. Not only they were happy learning some things, enjoying the yummy dinner but also having fun with the meeting, some of them have uttered their interest to join  JLTC membership. WELCOME 🙂

Last but not least, we all would like to say MERDEKA! / GRATEFUL FOR BEING INDEPENDENT for the Indonesian’s independence day. As young generations, we shall try to do our best in our own field and way to be able to do some contributions towards our beloved Indonesia country.   MERDEKA! *cheers*

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Invitation to JLTC Meeting, Thursday 14th August 2014

Dear fellow members and distinguished guests,

Our beloved JLTC will hold our meeting in this Thursday, 14th August 2014. We are so happy that once again, we are allowed to help our member and guests to improve their English public speaking skill and also leadership skill.

With this meeting’s topic about the “INDEPENDENCE”, let us “FREE” our speaking potential to boost our career and business in the future. So, be sure to come and join us!



1) Please confirm if you want to deliver speech or taking special role

2) As we commemorating the Indonesian Independence day, it would be nice for you to come in RED and / or white T-shirt. We will take some cool photos later 🙂


See you all at Thursday. Cheers!

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