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Lippo Karawaci – JLTC Has Relaxful but Meaningful Meeting, 24th July 2014

Jakarta was getting loose with the traffic jam yesterday, Thursday, 24th July 2014, despite the holiday mood situation and only six attending audiences,   JLTC turned out to have had an enjoyable, full of laughters and meaningful meeting with the three visiting Lippo Karawaci Club fellow toastmasters

Not only that, the Area Governor for J-1, TM Aminah together with President Harry Sukamto and TM Piter from Lippo Karawaci Club were having some relaxful yet fruitful discussions with three of us from JLTC, such as, district-area-clubs speech contest commencement, preparation, participation, dcp progress, lebaran holiday outing, etc.

Although each of us were unavoidably wearing many hats performing some functions during the meeting, we were happy to learn from each other club’s habits and searching to follow the most proper toastmaster way. Seen here our meeting club activities :

SHARING SOME BEAUTIFUL QUOTES from TM Januar‘s speech :  “Beauty might give you happiness, but happiness will surely give you beauty.”  Other new terms are ” rabbit teeth, veneer teeth, ceramic teeth, bonding teeth”.

Whilst from TM Adi Kurniawan’s speech, we all learnt the statement to ponder about and might give us inspiration for future action “The only way for us to escape from energy dependant country is not to merely adopt a conventional fossil fuel, but to make a leap frog in creating a renewable energy”.  Some terms to learn are “bio fuel, fossil fuel”  And motivating statement such as ” I believe education can help transform some one to become a better person”.

What’s your comments, readers?

We both clubs do hope to have similar enjoyable “get-together meeting” again  in the near future. For those who are interested, you are greatly welcome to join our next meeting to be held on Thursday, 14th August 2014.

Last but not least, on behalf of JLTC, we would like to extend our warmest greeting of  MINAL AIZIN WALFAIZIN to those of you who are celebrating Idul Fitri and happy long holiday for all of us. Aloha, cheers 🙂 Treasurer JLTC , Yendy Widjaja, ACS-ALB



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