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Lippo Karawaci – JLTC Has Relaxful but Meaningful Meeting, 24th July 2014

Jakarta was getting loose with the traffic jam yesterday, Thursday, 24th July 2014, despite the holiday mood situation and only six attending audiences,   JLTC turned out to have had an enjoyable, full of laughters and meaningful meeting with the three visiting Lippo Karawaci Club fellow toastmasters

Not only that, the Area Governor for J-1, TM Aminah together with President Harry Sukamto and TM Piter from Lippo Karawaci Club were having some relaxful yet fruitful discussions with three of us from JLTC, such as, district-area-clubs speech contest commencement, preparation, participation, dcp progress, lebaran holiday outing, etc.

Although each of us were unavoidably wearing many hats performing some functions during the meeting, we were happy to learn from each other club’s habits and searching to follow the most proper toastmaster way. Seen here our meeting club activities :

SHARING SOME BEAUTIFUL QUOTES from TM Januar‘s speech :  “Beauty might give you happiness, but happiness will surely give you beauty.”  Other new terms are ” rabbit teeth, veneer teeth, ceramic teeth, bonding teeth”.

Whilst from TM Adi Kurniawan’s speech, we all learnt the statement to ponder about and might give us inspiration for future action “The only way for us to escape from energy dependant country is not to merely adopt a conventional fossil fuel, but to make a leap frog in creating a renewable energy”.  Some terms to learn are “bio fuel, fossil fuel”  And motivating statement such as ” I believe education can help transform some one to become a better person”.

What’s your comments, readers?

We both clubs do hope to have similar enjoyable “get-together meeting” again  in the near future. For those who are interested, you are greatly welcome to join our next meeting to be held on Thursday, 14th August 2014.

Last but not least, on behalf of JLTC, we would like to extend our warmest greeting of  MINAL AIZIN WALFAIZIN to those of you who are celebrating Idul Fitri and happy long holiday for all of us. Aloha, cheers 🙂 Treasurer JLTC , Yendy Widjaja, ACS-ALB



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4 Excos JLTC Attended TLI on 19th July 2014 at Prasetya Mulya

Our new excos of JLTC for the new period have finally got their curiosity fulfilled by attending TLI (Training Leadership Institute) on 19th July 2014 at Prasetya Mulya University, South Jakarta.

Seen here in the photo showing how happy and excited we were four excos of JLTC posing together after the TLI session was over and all attendants were having dinner to break their fasting :

As old-time toastmaster (though have been as President for two consecutive years in 2009-2011; currently as Treasurer – Yendy Wijaya), I still learnt a lot from the TLI. Not only did I find that many old-time newcomers in the past 2-3 years have now become good communicators, but they were also capable to show up as good MC and made effective presentation. Simply amazing !  This has proven that toastmaster has indeed helped many people to become not only a better speaker and leader, but also become a better person 🙂

Here are also some comments from our new ecxos.  VPE Januar Wijaya said that the TLI has opened and broadened his mind to many new perspectives that toastmaster enhanced him to many new network, many new knowledge and information, and many opportunities to explore in the future.  VPPR Adi Halim commented that the TLI was really exciting for him. He saw many new things beyond regular club meeting programs, learnt a lot of new things related to toastmaster education-programs-and events, and is also anxious to learn more about the District 87, Division I and J.   I suppose VPPR Adi’s  lattest statement has become good topic to be put into JLTC next meeting agendas when new AG Aminah is visiting Jakarta Lions Toastmaster club for installing new excos.

Overall, together with the new excos, I am very happy and proud that we all have made a good start in achieving half point for JLTC DCP and will continously work on our vision mission to achieve the President Distinguished Status by next year end term. Let’s do it fellow toastmasters. I believe we can achieve it through our solid TEAM (Together We Achieve More) 🙂

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Welcome JLTC New Excos 2014-2015

JLTC meeting on Thursday, 3rd July 2014 was indeed a very special moment, as it was the first day of new Excos’ term for July 2014 – June 2015 and that TM Yendy together with TM Dewi and DTM Maria Megawati, old-time excos had made a great welcome and declaration to all the newcomers as followings : President Naryaton Lie (Awie), VPE Januar Wijaya, Secretary Dewi Oni, VPM Adi Kurniawan, VPR Adi Halim and Treasurer Yendy Wijaya.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TM Yendy delivered two advanced  speeches from “Speeches by Management” manual which served as educational session and was evaluated by DTM Maria Megawati.   Her first speech was regarding “Excos’ Roles and Responsibilities” succeeded by second speech “DCP /Distinguished Club Point”.

TM Yendy

TM Yendy as she delivered her speech


In her respective speech, TM Yendy didn’t merely convey information, but also elaborated very compact on the issue and  shared her experiences how to achieve club  “President Distinguished” blue ribbon.  After the speech, she made additional session of “Q & A” facilitating all excos for clear understanding,  discussing action plans for revitalizing JLTC and sharing tips how to strive to achieve again the most honorable DCP status next year!

Though it’s still a long way to go, but all new members feel excited to start the journey soon !

As a result, President Awie proposed the vision of JLTC to be as a recognized club  and some rebranding plans for the mission.  Bravo! Let’s hand-in-hand working on the goals then 🙂



For the second speaker, we had  new VPM Adi Kurniawan, who made his first speech with title of  “Dream About Me”. He told us that he once knew his  home environment as a country called “Jelambar” (in West Jakarta) and how he felt very comfortable with his life till he dreamt to open a shop when he grew up.

TM Adi Kurniawan

TM Adi Kurniawan

Yet his perspective has changed until he had won his struggle to go to Bandung famous state university, learnt from the new environment and found that  his youth’s dream was too small.  And now he has found bigger dream of setting up a factory in the future.  He concluded his speech with a very inspiring quote, which says “The best way to fulfill your dream is to wake up“.


I was personally stunned by his quote. It means that we can dream about all we want, but eventually we have to wake up, get back to our reality and work hard as well as smart in order to achieve our own dream.

Woow, TM Kurniawan didn’t seem to deliver icebreaker speech. TM Dewi said it was supposed to be project 9, an inspiring speech.

Thanks for your inspiration, TM Adi Kurniawan and we can’t wait to hear further your second project speech 🙂


The JLTC WOD was “COMMUNICATIVE” and as usual, all of participants, including some distinguished guests were engaged  in the Table Topic Session, led by TM Yendy. It was a very pleasant and exciting night, because all of the audiences could speak up so well.

As Hall of Fame, DTM Maria was chosen as the best Table Topic speaker and also as the best Evaluator (that’s awesome!).

DTM Maria Best Speaker JLTC 3rd July 2014

DTM Maria as Best Table Topic Speaker and also Best Evaluator

We are happy to have two distinguished guests. They were Ms. Charista, University student pursuing double degree major and Mr. Agung, a corporate communication manager and media writer at a famous magazine. They both commented to have enjoyed the meeting and found that they could benefit from toastmaster programs. That’s great ! Welcome for joining JLTC and becoming part of our dynamic team soon, buddies 🙂

Charista & Agung

Charista & Agung

As usual, the meeting ended at 21:00 p.m. and that next meeting was scheduled to be 17th July 2014.  Come on, Agung and Charista,  don’t postpone your success and start working together with all of us at next meeting in order to make JLTC become better and better till we beat the time and achieve DCP highest status !  See you all again on 17th July.

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