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JLTC 6th March 2014 Meeting

The JLTC meeting on 6th March 2014 was a happy event because we have our old-timer toastmaster member, DTM Fujiyama-San was just arriving Jakarta in the afternoon yet he was able to attend our meeting in the evening and we  had a distinguished guest, Mr Robin, from Singapore visiting our meeting too.

Additionally we have AG Sukardi, DTM Maria Megawati, TM Efi and TM Januar, TM Claudia besides myself, Yendy, leading the meeting.


TM Efi delivered a very good speech project no.4 with title “All Big Things Start from Small Things”.  Her speech was commented by DTM Fujiyama-San that as a toastmaster, we need to do committment from ourselves despite our function and roles either as SAA, Timer, President, VPE, etc and that we strive to be the best leader and communicator we deem to be.

Meanwhile, TM Yendy who acted as Table Topic Master and Ah-Counter explained the theme of the day  and the WOD : WISH (V) desire, long for.  She further elaborated the theme of “THOSE WHO CAN LOSE SHALL GAIN, and THOSE WHO WISH TO GAIN WILL LOOSE” by giving an example such as, by preparing and leading the meeting all alone, it does consume one’s considerable time that she loses doing some other important works, yet on the other hand, the “Jack-of-all-trades” enable her gain new skill  and time management.  By willing to do so, she is gaining instead of losing.

Thus, dear fellow toastmasters, sometimes we all might think that paying dues is also losing, yet if you are committed to come and deliver your project speech as well as take part in various function roles in the meeting regularly, I  bet you will definitely gain many benefits for your self development, personal business and job career.

However, like the distinguished guest, Mr Robin, said “The more you give, the more you gain”.

Seen below Mr Robin as The Best Table Topic Speaker. The meeting was closed with warm chattings.

Sukardi Robin_JLTC8Mar2014


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