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Toastmaster Demo at BMC on 8th February 2014

Bahasa Mandarin Center (BMC) in West Jakarta has conducted a toastmaster demonstration  on Saturday, 8th February 2014.

The purpose of the event  was initially intended to make a toastmaster meeting take place on weekend at a suitable date and time agreeable for our distinguished guest from Japan clubs, TM Tanaka Hiroki-San who couldn’t catch up our JLTC regular meeting on every two-weeks Thursday meeting in the evening at Suan Thai restaurant, Cideng, Jakarta due to his far away working place. Yet BMC saw this as good opportunity to introduce toastmaster meeting to its Mandarin students and friends who by chance have not been able to visit JLTC meeting.

Tanaka Efi Yendy_BMC82014Tanaka GE_BMC82014

As in toastmaster practise, we generally have a team of fellows who would help make the meeting merriful and successful.  The meeting was cherished by DTM Johan Setiawan, one of our Indonesian young, notable toastmaster communicators and leaders. His presence  demonstrating his simply amazing  communication and leadership skills   have indeed enchanted the audiences, especially the newcomers.


BMC was glad to have also the presence of some JLTC excos, President Evi Suriyadi and TM Efi Febri (both were ex-BMC students);  and other distinguished guests such as, Zheng Wei Yang, BMC intern from China; Vania utama from Univ of Indonesia student; Jusufin, a Buddhist fellow; and Pak Iwan Setiawan, Mandarin student.

toastmaster demo_BMC 082014

Since there were only 4 real toastmasters, so we have to take double to triple function roles to serve during the meeting. But  most of us took this as a good challenge to practise.  Seen TM Tanaka served as GE (General Evaluator) and Prepared speaker, Yendy as TTM (Table Topic Master) – Ah Counter -and Grammarian, TM Efi as Timer and Prepared Speaker, President Evi as chair of the meeting and Wei Yang as Ballot Counter. As for Hall of Fame :  TM Tanaka has won as the Best Prepared Speaker and DTM Johan won double roles as the Best Table Topic Speaker and the Best Evaluator.

weiyang BallotCounter_BMC82014 Johan BestEvaluator_Ydy 202014 Evi N Johan_TM Demo BMC82014 Tanaka BestPrepSpeaker_Evi BMC82014

Despite the small meeting, all of us, especially the newcomers commented that the meeting was meaningful and engaging. They felt happy for knowing what a toastmaster meeting actually meant, the benefits it can give and the chance to enable self potentials development. And last but not least, we all felt grateful for having got to know and to make more new friends, both from domestic and international.

Thus, BMC hopes that this meeting demo could show the audiences or web readers who get interested in toastmaster can join JLTC meeting in the future which can help you achieve your dreams to be a communicator or a leader as what you deem to be.

For Mandarin learning, you are welcome to contact Ms Yendy Widjaja at 0813-11 33 88 32 or and for JLTC meeting or membership, you are welcome to contact Ms Dewi Oni 0878-7707 8715 or and or Yendy.  KEEP MOVING FORWARD, KEEP SHINING and KEEP GETTING AHEAD in our all aspects of lifes thanks to toastmaster learning.


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