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The Awesome Celebration of Year End 2013 in JLTC

Dear members JLTC and guests, thank you for your attendance and participation in the meeting on 12th Dec 2013. It’s been a wonderful meeting where everyone have the chance to speak their achievement and resolution in table topic session.

We also congratulate one of our member, Ratih as she finished her basic manual book and get the title of competent communicator (CC). Her 10th speech title is incline with the timing of year end. She encourage the audiences to achieve their dreams and give a very good example of her own. She’s not only do the talking but she also take the action. It’s a very good motivational speech. Well done TM Ratih!


Another celebration is the welcoming of our new member, Efi who came with her husband. Efi has the passion and the spirit to become a better public speaker and we are very happy to help her to achieve the goal next year as her resolution. As we close the meeting, we still have another session of joyful celebration of our members’ birthday: Dewi and Maria. Dewi bring a beautiful and delicious cake made by herself. She is a very good patisserie. After that we exchange gifts of Christmas where everyone got a present that suit their needs. Talking about coincidence!


Overall it is a very wonderful meeting with the celebration of many things. We finally close the year of 2013 together but will be back in 2014 with brighter hope and new spirit to achieve our goals. See you in our next meeting, 9 Jan 2014. For those who want to join our meeting and become a good english public speaker, you can contact :
Evi – President / 0821 108 55457
Dewi – SAA / 0878 7707 8715
Yendy – VPM / 0813 11 3388 32


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JLTC Christmas and Birthday Celebration – 12th Dec 2013

Dear Members and Distinguished Guests, let us have a wonderful evening full of celebration: Christmas, Year End, Birthday Celebration (Dewi, Maria Megawati and Herwin) plus the ceremony to celebrate our member, Ratih who has finished her basic manual.

For those who intend to join X’mas gift exchange, please bring your gift (not less than Rp 30.000). We’ll have yummy cake and pudding especially made by TM Dewi and TM Yendy. So, don’t miss this cheerful occasion and kindly confirm your attendance and speech for program arrangement. See you this Thursday =D

For reservations (RSVP) :
Evi – President / 0821 108 55457
Dewi – SAA / 0878 7707 8715
Yendy – VPM / 0813 11 3388 32

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