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Cordial Invitation to JLTC Meeting, Thurs – 25th July 2013


Dear fellow Members and Guests,

Once again we’re going to celebrate the festive of Lebaran very soon. Thus, with the same spirit of the holy month, let us have a meeting that will enlightened us in our journey of life and self-development. Let’s make an effort to be a distinguished toastmaster and a distinguished person in the process making. I believe we can make it with a simple step, such as: willingness to take roles 🙂 and to spare more time to polish our prepared speech. There’s no word “too late” in Toastmaster dictionary.

So, let’s start now…

Agenda, include:
– Sharing the TLI sessions that was held on 20th July.
– Ice Breaker speeches from new members: Januar and Merry.
– Announcement on Humorous and Evaluation Speech Area Contest on 19 October 2013


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