Toastmaster for Learning English and Public Speaking

JLTC Warm Meeting on 25 April 2013

We are happy to have our old-time toastmaster member, TM Saver  visiting Jakarta Lions Toastmaster meeting again together with our Area Governor J-1, AG Kafung, TM Thomas and  our beloved DTM Fujiyama San who just came back from his  overseas travel.

We were also grateful to have some distinguished guests such as, Hendry Kosasih and Herlina Theresia thanks to our old-time TM Bastian fellow member who referred  them to JLTC meeting at Suan Thai restaurant. Despite their first time visit to a toastmaster club meeting such as JLTC, they both could talk fluently in English. Bravo !

Thomas_Hendry and erlina

Our theme was STRESS RELIEVE and the WOD was RELIEVE. Seen below are some pictures of the activities.

There were two speakers : TM Yendy Wijaya and TM Thomas Alfiandes. TM Yendy spoke about EUSTRESS and DISTRESS. If one’s stress brings good benefits, that means EUSTRESS. Contrarily, if the stress brings bad impact or destruction, that means DISTRESS. Meanwhile, TM Thomas delivered his speech on network marketing business presentation which involved three big competitive brandings such as, SISCO, ARUKATEL and ARUBA.

002 Fujiyama_Winner004 Yendy Winner005 KafungWinnerEvaluator006 Evi Speech

The winning speakers were : DTM Fujiyama as the best table topic speaker; TM Yendy as the best prepared speaker; TM Kafung as the best evaluator and VPE Evi Suriyadi was proceeding the meeting in lieu of President Dewi who had to leave earlier.

Additional photos of March 2013 event was the birthday celebration of our beloved member, TM Talar Halomoan.

008 JLTCMembers_March013007 TalarBday_March013

Would you like to have your special day  get celebrated too? Come and join our JLTC membership or attend our special event meeting, then you could enjoy the merriful moments with all of us altogether.  Not only that, our JLTC meeting can help relieve all of our stresses during the day full activities. So, come and join our next meeting on 16th April 2013. Let us be happy and get smarter at the same time.


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