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The term prime time at in the context of Radio or TV program is defined as the daypart (block of a day’s programming schedule) with the most viewers and where television networks and local stations usually reap much of their advertising revenues.  Most people tend to watch television at prime time because they get tired when reaching home after a day’s work or studying.  For this reason,  the high ratings are given for TV programming at this time and become an attractive timeslot for advertisers. So, we could conclude that people love prime time!

On Thursday, 21st July 2011, JLTC meeting was also considered as prime time  since we had 11 people coming to the meeting, including distinguished guest Mr. Fasrul. All attendants enjoyed the fun table topic session and  various, interesting prepared speeches. The theme of the meeting was “Effective Communication Is The Prime Aspect of Leadership” and the WOD  was “Prime” (adj: Best / Most Important).  So, it was indeed a “Prime” time meeting.




Bravo for the following speakers at prepared speech session:

1. TM Yendy with speech title “Chinese Made Easy”  from BM#2.

If you want to learn Chinese and think that it is difficult, just contact TM Yendy and she has the solution for you.  Only TM Yendy who could made Chinese to become easy in just 5 to 7 minutes that night. Fantastic!


2. TM Hadi with speech title “Idol of Life” from BM#2
Looking for an idol of life? TM Hadi was giving a superb enlightment that the idol to look for is not far away. It could be yourself!

3. TM John with speech title “Mobile Safety” from BM#3
Happy with your mobile phones or smart phones? TM John was giving great knowledge on how those cool gadgets could affect your health and how to deal with it for your own safety.

4. TM Albert with speech title “Me, My Life & My Passion” from BM#1
“Diamonds”(or great people) are scattered over the world. Knowing TM Albert through his speech about his life and passion, we have just seen another potential future “diamond”.

The hall of fame of JLTC meeting at 21st July 2011 was followings :

  Best Table Topic Speaker : our distinguished guest, Mr Fasrul

Best Prepared Speech Speaker : TM John

Best Evaluator : DTM Maria Megawati

Those speeches during JLTC prime time meeting at Suan Thai Restaurant are very interesting, right?  So then, don’t miss out the next JLTC meeting on Thursday, 4th August 2011!

By Michael Romero / JLTC -VP Membership for the term of  July 2011 – June 2012


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