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Have you ever heard the quotes or idioms like “blessing in disguise”, “there is a rainbow behind every dark cloud”, etc? Those sayings generally mean that when something might seem unfavourable,  it actually could produce positive results.

At JLTC last meeting on 7th July 2011, we did not get the meeting room  and had to do the meeting in an open public environment. Many things were not in an ideal atmosphere, such as could not use timing light, very limited space available for each speakers to perform body movement, relatively noisy surroundings for the meeting, etc. But hey, did JLTC TMs give up with the situation they were facing? Big NO NO;  the meeting was still continued as per plan and said big YES YES for everyone’s proven determination and fighting spirit. In fact, it was considered as a positive challenge to overcome. Look at how the timer officer was using timing card and cell phone’s stopwatch, how the grammarian was trying hard to focus and listen to each speeches, how the speakers were delivering their speeches with so many distractions, etc. But most importantly, everyone was still having FUN on that day!


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