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Cherishing 11th Anniversary Jakarta Lions Club Meeting

Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club had just celebrated its 11th years anniversary (30th March)  last nite, Thursday, 7 April 2011 at Suan Thai restaurant.

Eleven years of journey means a decade over.  If it was a baby born at that time, now it means the baby has grown out to be a teenager.  It is a good reflection for all of us, toastmasters, especially JLTC founders/seniors and members to ponder upon our own journey. What had we learnt and how far had we progressed in our self-development in real life, either towards our personality, our communications & leadership skills, our career, etc?





Let’s find out from our JLTC Seniors, some of them present were, TM Kak Seto and TM Bastian, Yendy  current President of JLTC and DTM Johan, past Division Governor.

Kak Seto is happy to keep polishing his English communications thru joining more meetings in the future

JLTC brings back TM Bastian's early moments in UI w/ Kak Seto & growth in club. He's happy to see young generations succeeding

Yendy's JLTC 2005 speech of "Building National Plus School" is realized at http://www.visionstudy

DTM Johan said, "You will retreat regardless how excellent you are. So keep polish yourself shining through toastmaster club










TM Attie, the current Division Governor shared  that thru toastmaster she could go up to high ladder and represent Indonesia in many events locally and overseas within toastmaster networks.  Thanks to her for having given many inputs regarding how to hold proper protocols in conducting meeting club.

It’s good to hear her encouraging words to the JLTC young potential speakers to keep moving forward. Additionally, it is good to have some senior toastmasters from different clubs, such as, TM Fransisca from Innovator club, TM Tia and Lineola from Jakarta Motivators Club attending JLTC and participating in being evaluators. Thus,  JLTC young speakers could have different style of evaluations.

TM Attie, Division Governor

TM Fransisca from Innovator Club

TM Tia from Jakarta Motivator Club

TM Lineola, from Jakarta Motivator Club








The presence of above group, DTM Johan, TM Kak Seto and guest, Mr Hans, not only have cherished our JLTC meeting and anniversary, but our 4 young committed members also have amused all attendants with their diverse amazing speeches, from children’s filial piety to women’s language, financial freedom and to meditation.  They were just simply amazing in sparkling our JLTC meeting as usual.  As TM Attie complimented, they would be potential for taking part in speech contest in the next semester though two of them had done in table topic speech last February 2011. Bravo, keep moving forward!

Overall, everyone was having fun, enjoyable celebration and meaningful learning as well as sharing. Hope to see you again in future!


TM Evi, speaker

TM Michael, speaker

TM Herwin & Marki, speakers








Fun Laughing Hadi & Herwin

Enjoying yummy SuanThai dinner

Mr Hans, guest, comments meeting







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