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Simply Amazing JLTC Meeting-10 March 2011

The theme of the meeting “Continous Efforts are the Key to Unlocking Your Potential” and the WOD “Potential” was just perfect to make all audiences unexpectedly perform what is was meant in their actions at JLTC meeting last Thursday, 10th March 2011.

What did they act on “Potential”? Let’s check out here :

Congrats to 4 of you who are just quarterly joined members, yet you all have demonstrated your committment to keep on delivering your speech in every your joining the meeting. JLTC is so proud to have dedicated members like you four, so each of you deserve to receive Toastmaster International pin!

What made a real surprise and enhanced the meeting? Let’s find out :

TM Evi made 2 speeches in order to make up her lost speech during absence in several meetings. Wow!  Actually TM Romero has just returned from his outtown trip, yet he managed to attend JLTC and made Table Topic Speech at the last minute. Inspired by TM Evi’s make-up speeches, TM Romero spontaneously delivered his “unprepared” project speech which he was supposed to deliver also in his last absent meeting and he won!

Another amazing news, TM Herwin has brought a friend to the meeting, Cahadiyanto (Hadi) whom everyone thinks is very “potential” member, as we found out from his brief intro. Great job done, Herwin. Hope Hadi could add on our JLTC young dynamic team soon.

Surprisingly TM Bastian has also invited his son who is on home holiday from Melbourne, Yudi Budiman, to come to JLTC that night. Unexpectedly he found our meeting was splendid and made him think to come out from his comfort zone.  Hope you could also join our JLTC membership soon, Yudi, to urge you strongly realize your resolution. We’ll look forward to hearing from you. And great thanks also to your continous great support, TM Bastian.

When the meeting was over, we were all  so happily chatting with one another. That’s our JLTC, small but beautiful, as we consider one another as a family member.  See you all soon next Tuesday, 15th March 2011 to support TM Yendy and TM Marki area speech contest at Suan Thai.


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