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Celebrating Thanksgiving Of Recovery

Still remember about thanksgiving on 25th November 2010? I just want to share a brief note that I am grateful for  my recovery of the knees injuries from that date accident. Thanks to DTM Maria Megawati’s bio disc which had soothed out the wound of my knees. My eyes are also okay as the disturbance was found out due to the increase of far-sightedness level in my eye glasses and that they were tuned up today.

Thus, I am celebrating my thanksgiving again of the recovery today.


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Congrats On Your All Project Speeches

Congratulations to all newcomers who have immediately worked on their Speech Project No.1 Icebreaker, TM Michael and Evi on 9th December 2010 JLTC meeting.  Also to our old-time toastmaster, TM Saver who shared  his “Speech By Management” advanced  manual.  Woow, very amazing!  Continue reading

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