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Thanksgiving Celebration at Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club, Indonesia

Thursday, 25th November 2010 was not only the most guests or newcomers’ visit, but also our happiest celebration of  Thanksgiving at  Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club (JLTC). The meeting WOD created just the right atmosphere and mood of all audiences. A big welcome to all of the newcomers : Agnar & the family team (Mrs Agnar, Daniel & Eva); Marki & Michael; Dr Mario & Tien; and Evi.

Despite the audiences’ first visit and no prior knowledge about toastmaster, they were surprisingly able to actively participate in the meeting by taking roles such as, Timer, Ballot Counter, Ah-Counter, WOD Counter and Grammarian after given some briefings. Not only that, they could also speak up in front  after given some demonstrations by old-timer toastmaster fellows during Table Topic  speech session.  Even Daniel could gain most votings to be  Best Table Topic Speaker. Woow, congratulations to all of the amazing newcomers.

Everyone did enjoy listening  from each prepared speakers delivering their project speeches from TM Benny Yulianto (BM Project 1-Icebreaker) about his personal experience & tip of being favourite MC;  DTM Maria Megawati (BM Project 4) about her wise  story of Personal Calculator Vs Universal Calculator querrying us whether to choose “give & take sincerely” or “give & take conditionally” ; and TM Dewi Oni (Advanced Project 2) on her entertaining story about a lying boy and a wolf reminding us all the importance of honesty.         

Everyone shared unique and happy statements about the WOD of Celebration, among others, “We celebrate the day of everyday; we celebrate personal  success and happiness with our family; and last but not least,  I was very grateful that I could manage to come, got to know all the newcomers and lead the JLTC meeting though on my way to Suan Thai resto, I had just got a motorcyle accident of which my both knees and palms got injured.  And I was thankful to DTM Maria’s biodisc which reduce the swelling of my knees.

Overall, we were so grateful to be able to know one another and had such a nice, meaningful club meeting which was indeed the celebration of our Thanksgiving at JLTC.   Let’s look forward to having another happy celebration in our next meeting, 9th Dec2010.







Seen how all audiences were truly happy going thorough all the meeting programs




and we celebrated the Thanksgiving happily and gratefully.


November 28, 2010 - Posted by | JLTC Meeting


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