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Tips to Prevent FB Hacker

Last nite social dinner prior club meeting at Suan Thai restaurant, we had nice chats about how to make good, positive network, sharing and making ourselves known in certain fields of   knowledges/skills/experiences.  As most everyone knows, the most popular social medias include : facebook, twitter, digg and many other more.

One fellow toastmaster arouse her friend’s dismay of having her facebook account hacked and misused by someone unknown circulating  Viagara products. Certainly this does not cause the original account owner get embarassed only but also loose her all networks.

Thus, to prevent such malpractise from irresponsible hacker, I would like to suggest you use ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD in typing your password into any internet connections such as, yahoo mail, trading stocks ID, financial web updating, facebook, club password, etc.

And here is the tip how to do it. Click on (1) PROGRAMS at your computer left bottom –> (2) ACCESSORIES on the left above –> (3) ACCESSIBILITY –> (4) ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD as sub menu, hold on, then click your mouse right side –> (5) click SEND TO desktop.  Or you may have a look at the printscreen as shown. Thus, you could always use the On-Screen keyboard at your desktop anytime you need it.

Good luck and hope your personal or professional network get secured now. You are welcome to share this tip with your friends and wish you happy, useful  networking (Yendy /President JLTC July 2008 – June 2010)


October 22, 2010 - Posted by | Readers' Interactions

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