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Turbo Hypnotis & Storytelling Speeches/JLTC Meeting, Thursday 23-9-10

Do you know what it is like to be hypnotized? What good benefits can it do to make people better?  Do you also want to hear storytelling which makes you feel entertained after a day long tiredness in the office?

If you do,  come and join our Jakarta Lions Toastmaster meeting this Thursday, 23rd September 2010. Our Turbo Hypnotize trainer and speaker, Master Awie and TM Tia Maria shall share delivering interesting speeches to all of us.   We wait your sms for the reservation (click the green flyer on the left),  don’t miss it.

We see you this Thursday and let’s enjoy our meeting / Yendy – President (0813) 11338832 & Dewi/VPE (0815) 189 3300


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JLTC Humorous & Evaluation Speech Contest 2Sept’010

JLTC had an entertaining speech contest by TM Dewi Oni and TM Yendy M.Wijaya, as well as amusing guest speaker by DTM Maria Megawati at Suan Thai resto, Thursday, 2nd September 2010. The first prize winner went to TM Yendy and since she has no evaluation speech partner, so she embraced the title as well.

Event photos can be seen in this link

Great thanks to all attending members & guests who were supporting in the contest event,  including Senior members DTM Wardiman Djojonegoro (Judge) & DTM Johan Seti (Judge), and Jakarta Motivators Club fellow toastmasters : TM Lineola Lesmana (Judge), TM Thenny (Ballot Counter) and TM Christian (Timer) as well as helping members : DTM Maria Megawati (Chief Judge), TM Bastian Budiman (Contest Chair), TM Maria Lintong (Judge) and TM Eric (Judge).

Let’s support TM Yendy Wijaya to higher level of Area J-2 Speech & Evaluation contest next coming October 2010. Further news shall follow.

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