Toastmaster for Learning English and Public Speaking

Missions and Goals

New period of second semester Toastmaster has been going for half a month already. Jakarta Lions Toastmaster Club has done the half month of the new period with a good beginning of crafting missions and setting goals by Excos (Executive Committees) and members.

Both meetings which took place on Thursdays, respectively on 1st July and 15th July 2010, at Suan Thai Restaurant, went cheerfully and  made high enthusiastically from new reintake members such as, TM Eddy (who rejoined after 5 years), TM Johnson; guests – Sylvia, Yuliana & Budi; and other existing members such as, Brahma, Junior Benny, Bastian and Dewi.

The guests uttered their happy surprise that they could manage to speak up in front based on the directions guided to them during Table Topic session. Not only that, they were made to be able to give opinion also about the meeting using English.

We thank you the new Area Governor’s sharing, TM Lola who explained about her role & tips and rejoice with the dual membership of  DTM Maria Megawati to strengthen our JLTC team.

The President-TM Yendy M.Wijaya, ACS-ALB,  led the two meetings consequently dated above with Educational Session with topics each on “Crafting JLTC Missions” and “Setting Goals & Planning”.  Glad that members expressed their dreams. The actions were explained to be transformed into delivery of project speech based on their basic manuals, attending regular meeting, taking role, attending TLI/speech contest/district seminar and introducing new friends.  Hope everyone  shall keep moving forward with respective planning and reach our goals as well as DCP.


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