Toastmaster for Learning English and Public Speaking

I will join the Toastmaster, so….

What will I do and how is the program ?

Toastmaster exposes each participant to a wide range of communication and learning experiences .

  • The Manual

you will receive a professionally published Toastmaster International Manual and learning materials.

  • Prepared speeches

Participants are asked for preparing and present speeches in a relaxed atmosphere. Some preparation is required.

  • Impromptu speaking

During each meeting, short impromptu speaking sessions are conducted to help the participant learn to think on their feet.

  • Evaluations

After each presentation you will receive a constructive speech evaluation from others Thisprocess recognizes a speaker’s strengths and provides valuable, constructive guidance on how future presentations may be improved.

  • Continuous improvement

You are encouraged to participate in all of the program so you can learn and practice and you will have ‘Better Listening, Better Thinking, Better Speaking’.

What benefit will I get from joining Toastmaster?

During the meetings you can expect to develop and learn to:

  • give a prepared and impromptu speeches;
  • evaluate speeches;
  • develop your listening skills;
  • introduce speakers;
  • diminish unnecessary words (eg. er, uhm, ah);
  • speak within time limit


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